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Planning a trip to Helsinki leads to making accessories...?

Planning a trip to Helsinki, that is why we started our small business of making original accessories.

We always loved everything about Scandinavian designs, simple, functional and beautiful, somewhat we have in common as in Japanese culture.
Simplicity and functionality are always a big part of both countries design keys.

Beautiful design textiles, housewares and Furnitures, they are our design inspirations and creativity influences.

Original designs and patterns.

We create our designs and patterns with our own and  
every items are handmade with them.
We create our products in our studio located north Toronto.

Love Handmade and love being local.

We love thinking what to make next with new designs and ideas.
Looking through fabrics and jewellry parts are our favourite things to do.

Making handmade items in our North Toronto studio gives us a sense of being a part of community and creating business locally.
Love being a part of local craft and arts shows in Toronto and very proud being a part of creative community.